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Don't Text & Drive #arrivealive

posted Aug 27, 2015, 3:37 PM by SOKC Shop
Hey friends,

In the wake of a tragic accident, I've come to recognize how important it is that we put our phone aside and focus on the road. As tow operators, we are always talking about encouraging drivers to to Slow Down, Move Over - which is very important to keep our tow ops alive and coming home to their families. Now, you will hear me go on about not texting and driving, and even about wearing a seat belt. A friend of ours lost his life, and left a family, including a young boy, to carry on life without him. What a painful void he left behind- he is deeply missed and will always be.

Please just put your phone in the glove box, turn it off, toss it in the trunk, take whatever measure necessary to avoid the temptation to glance at it while cruising down the road.