Company Values

Employee Satisfaction
         If it weren't for the crew we have, out working long hours, changing tires, jump starting dead batteries, unlocking car doors, and towing vehicles, Walker's Roadside wouldn't be where it is today. One of our priorities is taking care of our crew - making sure they have what they need to do their job, making sure they are satisfied in their position and with their workload, and making sure they know we appreciate and value their hard work. Our crew is like family to us, and we take care of family.

Customer Satisfaction
    We believe employee satisfaction directly impacts customer satisfaction, and it is our goal to get to motorists quickly to get them going again. No one plans on being stranded or broke down, and when they find themselves in the middle of car trouble, it usually makes for a frustrating day/night. It is important to us that we are part of the solution, from the time someone calls us, to the drop destination after we've picked up their car. Our goal is to get people back on the road as quickly and safely as possible.

Honesty & Integrity
    From how much we charge, to showing up when we say we will, it is important to us that our staff is fair, honest, and dependable. Our prices are fair and competitive, and we pride ourselves on prompt service.

    Here at Walker's Roadside Service, it is important to us that our drivers show up in uniform, ready to do what it takes to get our customers going again. Our tow trucks being clean and orderly is also important. We understand that no one wants to ride in a filthy truck when they are getting their car towed.

    We provide our drivers with Class 3 ANSI Reflective wear so they are visible on the side of the road, we attend local Slow Down Move Over events to help educate drivers, and we post driver safety tips on our social media pages. It is important for our drivers to make it home at the end of every day, uninjured, unharmed. It is also important to us that our customers are kept safe when their vehicles break down, which is why we do our very best to arrive on scene quickly and get vehicles moved off the highway as fast as possible.