About Us

Roadside Assistance

Jimmy Walker - Owner/Operator
Jimmy is the main man around here, and the reason Walker's Roadside exists.
He's the voice you'll hear when you call late at night, and he keeps things at the office running smoothly.
He handles all of the impound cars and the paperwork that comes with them.
Truly, he handles more than just night time dispatching and paperwork,
but I haven't the room to tell you all about his hard work here.
He likes helping people, can change a tire faster than anybody I've ever met,
and will do anything he can to help someone out.
He's always telling jokes and trying to make people smile.
He loves Mexican food, sports (Cubs, Dallas Cowboys, All things OU, Thunder, Nascar, etc.), and all things towing related.

Jeff B. - Driver Manager
Jeff has been with us since the beginning, part time at first, but he's been full time for years now.
Currently, Jeff drives truck #14, a 2016 Ford F550 Rollback.
He works hard, is kind, and takes great care of our customers.
We are beyond thankful for all of his hard work, dedication, and countless hours.
Jeff rarely complains about the long hours, late nights, and many miles.
He loves Mexican food, sports bikes, and enjoys traveling.